Digital payment E-RUPI will launch today by PM Modi

Digital payment E-RUPI- New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the “e-Rupee” digital payment solution via videoconference today at 4.30pm. Emphasizing that Modi has always promoted digital initiatives, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said that in recent years, several programs have been launched to ensure that the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries, so that there are a limited point of contact between the government and the recipient. The concept of “good electronics” will advance this vision of good governance. The PMO said in a statement that “e-Rupee” is a cashless and contactless medium for digital payments.

Digital payment E-RUPI connects service sponsors with beneficiaries and service providers digitally without any physical interface. By virtue of this, it is also guaranteed that the payment is not made to the service provider until the transaction is completed. Being prepaid, it is possible to make one-off payments to the service provider without the intervention of any intermediary.

Do you know what Digital payment E-RUPI is and how will it work?
E-rupee will be such a system, in which there will be no other intermediary between the beneficiary of a scheme and the service provider … as it will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s mobile on behalf of the giving government good. It is a digital, cashless and contactless payment medium, through which the e-voucher will be sent directly to the recipient’s mobile. The beneficiary will receive the money owed by e-voucher based on a QR code or an SMS chain.

The peculiarity is that for payment by e-voucher, there will be no need for a card, digital payment application, or online banking. Thanks to this, the payment will only be made to the service provider once the transaction is completed, that is to say as long as the voucher is in your mobile, it belongs to you, for this there will be a fixed period, in which you will have to redeem the voucher.

E-Rupee is a prepaid amount, due to which late payment is not possible, it is simply a voucher that the voucher gives to the beneficiary. Payment is certain to be made via e-Rupee without any intermediary, i.e. the service provider also benefits. He will not complain of having rendered the service to the beneficiary, but there is a delay in his payment. Payment in electronic rupees is guaranteed.

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