De Villiers blitz helps RCB clinch thriller

AB de Villiers He was an amazing cricket player. We knew it wasn’t easy; it will not be easy, we are hungry; it’s not an easy pitch to play and it’s one of those wickets that starts to get tough as the game progresses and we know that if we can get it to the end we can get a chance. It was a good throw (about his end) and the Krunal was spotted. Great fun to play alongside him. I love playing with such players and want to win cricket matches. And there’s Dan Christian. It’s a great combination to have. There is a reason why they won the trophy five times but that was a challenge for us tonight. We did well and won the first game against them even last year.
Some things in life do not change. And no matter how close Mumbai comes to dragging it, history continues to challenge them. And, appropriately, it’s Harshal Patel with this successful flick, making sure he doesn’t make a mistake in what has been a very satisfying day. This game was actually useless to bring this up. With Kohli and Maxwell set up on the platform, and with AB smoking on the other side, this is especially true for the second exit. But again, Bumrah’s Bumrah for a reason. Taking wickets is another thing, but blocking a strike on AB is another matter. And he did both. And yet, the RCB stranglehold was not so good! Of all the fights they faced in death and football, it was their beating to death that was the main thing. When you finally have the statistics for 39 runs | 6 wickets in 15-20 overs, you rarely win. And if it’s Mumbai with their IPL opening history, you can’t win.

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