Covid-19 updates: India reports 1.2 lakh new covid cases, 2,795 deaths in last 24 hrs

Covid-19 updates: Total 2,59,47,629 recoveries reported across the country so far after 2,55,287 patients recovered during last 24 hours. Recovery rate continues to increase, at 92.09% today. Weekly positivity rate currently pegged at 8.64% & daily positivity rate dips to 6.62%

Covid-19 updates : Day after reporting 1.5 lakh new Coronavirus cases, India continues to maintain a drop in new cases as the country reports 1,27,510 new COVID-19 cases, 2,55,287 cases and deaths 2 795 in the last 24 hours. This is very low in 54 days.

According to the Union Health Ministry, ongoing workforce drop cases dropped to 18,95,520 as active cases dropped by 1,30,572 in the previous day.

  • Total cases: 2,81,75,044
  • Total discharges: 2,59,47,629   
  • Death toll: 3,31,895   
  • Active cases: 18,95,520  
  • Total vaccination: 21,60,46,638 

The department’s latest health report on Tuesday morning reported that 2,59,476,629 people had received medical treatment nationwide so far after the recovery of 2,55,287 patients in the past 24 hours. The recovery rate continues to rise, at 92.09 percent today. The weekly intensity level is currently at 8.64 percent and the daily intake has dropped to 6.62 percent.

Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said 34,67,92,257 Covid-19 samples had been tested as of May 31. Of these, 19,25,374 samples were tested yesterday. The test volume has greatly increased with a total of 34.67cr testing done.

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Meanwhile, the central government said 21.6 Cr. Vaccination volumes have been developed to date under Nationalwide Vaccination Drive.

The Government of India has so far provided, in addition to the expense category and specific sector procurement, more than 23 crore (23,18,36,510) vaccine doses in the States / UTs.

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