Covid: 100 million vaccines were administered in 20 days

Covid– New Delhi: Corona vaccine coverage in India has crossed 50 crores. It took 203 days to deliver over 50 crore doses to India. According to the Union Health Ministry, 50 lakh 3 lakh 48,000,866 doses were administered until 7 p.m. Friday, of which 38 crore 94 lakh 75,000 520 received the first dose while 11 crore 8 lakh 73,000 346 people were given both doses. It’s finish.

(Covid) Corona vaccination in India has now gained momentum. According to the Union Health Ministry-

It took 85 days to hit the 0-10 crore mark
45 days in 10-20 crores
After that, 29 days in 20-30 crores
24 days in 30-40 crores
And 50 crore of vaccinations only took 20 days
On Friday 43 lakh 29,000,673 doses were administered in one day until 7pm, of which 32 lakh 10,000,613 first dose were administered. The second dose of 11 lakh 19,000 60 vaccine was administered.

So far vaccination has been carried out in different age groups like this

1 crore 3 lakh 28 thousand 503 health workers have already received the first dose. While 79 51,876 healthcare workers received both doses.

1 crore 80 lakh 48,000 937 frontline workers for the first dose and
1 crore 16 lakh 50 thousand 548 health workers received both doses.

In the 18-44 age group, 17 crore 23 lakh 20 thousand 394 people received the first dose. At the same time, 1 crore 12 lakh 56,000,317 people received both doses.

In the 45-59 age group, 11 07 66 863 people received both the first dose and 4 19 23 920 doses. people over 60 received the first dose and people received both doses.

Five states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh administered more than one crore of doses of corona vaccine in the 18-44 age group. States like Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab, Uttarakhand and West Bengal have provided the first dose of vaccine to more than one million people aged 18 years. 44 years. Have put.

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