Congress is adopting BJP’s strategy in UP

Congress-Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022: Congress has also started preparations for the upcoming Assembly elections. But the strategy Congress seems to be adopting for this is in fact the winning strategy of the BJP, with which the party won the majority in 2014 and 2017. Perhaps that is why Congress also seems to be walking the same way. way.

In fact, many applicants come to the Congress party from different places. If the sources are to be believed, so far more than 100 candidates have received a green signal for readiness in the region. Of these, there are about 50 seats on which there are 1-1 applicants. But there are about 50 seats where more than one candidate has been invited to prepare. In fact, the state leadership asked for a panel of three candidates each from the district and metropolitan units for each assembly seat.

If the sources are to be believed, the panels came from Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh, Basti and Mirzapur in Purvanchal. The party will finalize the ticket of contenders who qualify during the three-month exam. According to sources, so far state leaders have held talks with 142 applicants. This strategy is similar to that adopted by the BJP. Whether it was the 2014 Lok Sabha elections or the 2017 Assembly elections. In total, the BJP had asked 5 to 5 candidates to prepare for each seat as part of this strategy. Until the end, no one knew who the candidate would really be. The advantage of this was that a huge crowd had gathered in all the BJP meetings and the air in the area had also become good. Regarding this strategy, political scientist Ratan Mani Lal says that all parties are experimenting. Priyanka started working on the winning BJP strategy as part of a well thought out strategy. This is the test for congressional leadership.

People will receive blessings in 2022 – Ajay Kumar Lallu

Even though Congress has copied the BJP strategy, State President Ajay Kumar Lallu says it is not the BJP strategy but the old tradition of Congress. The state president said he had a party of 5 MPs, but was stronger than the SP when it came to public issues. He said people apply, we take applications. Give the task to the suitors what to do. Work on fundamental public and regional issues. Yes, the opportunity will be given to whoever will do better and better. Ajay Kumar Lallu said that people will get blessings in 2022. We will go among the audience by connecting all of us.

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