Chennai gets submerged in floods on arrival of monsoon

Chennai gets submerged: Chennai, which suffers from a water shortage throughout the year, is submerged by floods as soon as the monsoon arrives. Although located by the sea, this city has repeatedly faced the disaster of the floods.

Floods are a natural disaster, but human contribution has increased, especially in urban flooding. The encroachment around the three great lakes of Chennai has become so extensive that these lakes have now shrunk in size. It is the same for the Adyar river.

Chennai gets submerged- There is an area near Rateri Lake, Manali, this area is prone to flooding. After raining for two days the water started to come down from the rest of the areas but the situation here remains the same. Manali is located on the wetland of Rateri Lake. There is a nearby lake that submerges the area whenever it overflows.

Governments are not taking concrete action

Despite this increase due to encroachment, governments are not taking concrete action in this regard. Their path was blocked by the construction of houses and buildings around the rivers and the encroachment destroyed the very existence of all the small lakes. Today, the situation is such that at present more than a lakh and a half of illegal construction has taken place in the wetlands of Chennai.

The bad economy is responsible for the situation – environmentalist

Chennai gets submerged- Environmentalist Nityanand says this is a problem that will not be resolved overnight. It has very deep roots, so the planning has to be done just as deeply. The bad economy is responsible for this situation. The only treatment is that it should be reduced early on and not be treated lightly every year.

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