Bose Rhlengware Attack Exposed Employees ’Data Including Public Safety Number, Company Reveals

Bose revealed that the US-based company had been breaching information after a drug attack in early March. Some staff information was accessed by the attackers. The manufacturer of the premium equipment filed a violation letter in the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office in mid-May.

Upon discovering the violation, the company instituted a response to the incident to retrieve the affected systems. Bose has also taken many precautionary measures against future attacks. Further attacks on the Colonial Pipeline recently forced the closure of the largest oil pipeline in the eastern US earlier this month.

According to a letter of violation from the company, Bose first received the attack on March 7. Company data from internal management files relating to six New Hampshire employees were found and may be upset. Information obtained includes employee name, Social Security Number, and compensation information.

After discovering the violation, Bose used his technical team to contain the incident. The company also collaborated with foreign law firms to investigate the attack. Bose said in the letter that the threatening actors had joined a limited collection of folders and programs were restored.

Bose provided the relevant services for 12 months of patent protection activities.

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To protect himself from future cyber attacks, Bose provided details of the following steps in his book:

  • Improved malware / ransomware protection for endpoints and servers to further enhance our protection from future malware / ransomware attacks.
  • A detailed forensics analysis was performed on the affected server to analyze the impact of malware / ransomware.
  • You have blocked malicious files used during storage attacks to prevent the spread of malware or data extraction.
  • Improved monitoring and login to identify any future actions by a threatening character or similar types of attacks.
  • Bad recently identified malicious sites and IPs are linked to this bundle of threats to external firewalls to prevent potential explosions.
  • Passwords changed for all end users and eligible users.
  • Changed access keys for all service accounts.
  • The largest US fuel network in the Eastern US, the Colonial Pipeline, was also forced to suspend operations earlier this month following a ransomware attack. The company paid $ 4.4 million (approximately Rs. 32.19 crores) in compensation to hackers following the incident.

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