Android 12 DP2 Now Out: How to Upload to Your Pixel Phone, and What’s New

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) has now released compatible Google Pixel calls and brings a number of new features and improvements in addition to the previous developer preview released in February. The new release brings a variety of interface-level updates, including a bright black theme, one-handed mode, and integrated support for rounded screen screens. Google also offers image-enhancing (PiP) enhancements to help users easily upgrade their windows apps. Additionally, the release of Android 12 DP2 includes application overlay controls, extended security lock screen notifications, and improved bandwidth limitations.

Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) Download
Google has made Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) available for download on Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 You can turn on your Pixel phone using a compatible image. In the unlikely event that you have already installed the make-up first on your Pixel device, you will receive an automatic update on the air. You can also check Android 12 DP2 uninstall with Android Emulator. In addition, Google also offers the ability to detect changes in smart TV based on Android TV using the ADT-3 developer kit.

It is important to point out that Android 12 DP2, like any Android developer preview, is designed specifically for developers and is not intended for end users. You may encounter bugs or issues after installing the latest release. Therefore, it is recommended to download and install Android 12 DP2 on a second device.

New features for Android 12 DP2
One of the most notable changes that comes with Android 12 DP2 is the updated black theme with a light gray shade instead of bringing the full gray color scheme introduced in the preview version of the previous developer. There is a dedicated action called “swipe notifications” to allow users to drop down the notification panel by swiping down the home screen.

To simplify information on phones with large screens, Android 12 DP2 brings one mode. It is available by Touch in the Settings menu and can be used by swiping down the screen. You can also allow the settings to turn off one-handed mode when switching apps or set the lock time off mode after a certain time. Companies including Samsung and Xiaomi have already offered one-way alternatives to their custom ROMs.

Another visual interface change introduced by Android 12 DP2 is the ability to allow developers to blur the background when their application window appears in the front. This brings the exact depth of applications that show floating windows.

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