Bihar News: Limits of negligence crossed in Bihar

Bihar News in Hindi: After cataract surgery in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, many people have contracted a serious eye infection, due to which 15 people have had their eyes removed so far.

Last month, November 22, 65 patients underwent cataract surgery in hospital, 27 of whom have serious eye infections. Civilian surgeon Vinay Sharma ordered the operating room to be sealed and the entire hospital shut down.

The Civil Surgeon believes that after the investigation of this case, the number of patients could still increase. He reported negligence during the operation.

People with damaged eyes have had cataract surgery at the institution-run Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital. So far, the eyes of 15 patients have been removed due to infection.

Three other patients have also been admitted, whose eyes will be removed. Apart from this, many patients also receive their treatment in nearby private hospitals.

The district service requested a list of all patients operated on at the eye hospital. So that the eyes of other patients can also be examined.

Regarding the whole case, the Civil Surgeon said that the possibility of negligence in the operation was seen in the investigation. The swabs were taken in the operating room of the hospital.

District Magistrate Pranav Kumar said that after the case is investigated, action will be taken against the culprits. An investigation team was formed under the direction of the Civil Surgeon.

Earlier, after the revelation of this case, civil surgeon Vinay Kumar Sharma said: “We have learned that people who have had cataract surgery suffer from a serious infection in one eye.

Doctors have now suggested removing the infected eye. -a member committee was set up under the chairmanship of the person in charge of monitoring the blind.

At first glance, it appears that the doctors at the hospital did not follow the operating protocol. He said we will take strict action against the hospital and doctors for such gross negligence.

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