‘Better To Be A Chota Rajan’: Irrfan’s wife Sutapa for losing a loved one to COVID-19

Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar has expressed his anger at the loss of a relative due to COVID-19 in Delhi. He said, “He could not sleep because he was not Chhota Rajan ‘.

‘Better To Be A Chota Rajan’: Irrfan Sutapa’s wife for losing a loved one to COVID-19
Mumbai: A few days ago Irrfan Khan’s late wife Sutapa Sikdar wrote a letter, expressing his anger at the loss of a relative due to COVID-19 in Delhi. In a Facebook post, he talked about not being able to get a relative’s hospital bed in Delhi, because he was not ‘Chhota Rajan’.

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Sutapa wrote: “I sent in advance to get the help of my relative Sameer Banerjee. Today he has left us. We could not establish an ICU at home in Delhi the capital of India. nor could we get a hospital bed. My thanks to all the covid heroes who helped. I will never forget you, my blessings to you all until I live, I will never forget the smile of Sameera. I will remember my youthful memories with her.

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Sutapa’s anger is justified. He also wrote: “I will never forget that I could not get a bed for her in the ICU because she was not a Chota Rajan. He was an honest man. I will never forget this mayhem in Delhi.

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