Sonu Sood calls on China to block oxygen shipments to India as lives are lost, Chinese ambassador confirms ‘smooth operation’

Sonu Sood has called on China to block shipments of oxygen concentrators shipped to India. China’s ambassador to India Sun Weidong, in his reply, assured Sonya of the efficiency of the shipping station in India.

Sonu Sood and Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong had a chat on Twitter. Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong has confirmed actor Sonu Sood “on the efficiency of the shipping station in India”. Weidong’s response came after Sonu Sood called on China to block shipments of oxygen concentrators to India.

Both Sonu and Weidong had a conversation over a series of tweets. Suu went on Twitter on May 1 and wrote, “We are trying to find hundreds of oxygen connectors in India. It is sad to say that China has blocked most of our burdens and here in India we are losing our lives every minute. Please @ China_Amb_India @MFA_China help us fix our burden so that we can save lives. ”

In response, Weidong wrote to Sonu, “@SonuSood took care of your twitter details. Mr. Sood. China will do everything in its power to support India’s fight against Covid-19. To the best of my knowledge, airports from China to India operate normally. In the past two weeks, there have been 61 flights from China to India in operation. We will continue to ensure the efficiency of the shipping station in India. Pls, let us know if you have any problems (or email us at [email protected]) so that we can try our best to help you accordingly. ”

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Sonu sood later thanked the Chinese authorities for their prompt response. “Thank you for the quick response sir. I am contacting your office to resolve issues. Let your concerns be known. I want to be humble, ”he wrote on Twitter.
Sonu Sood has been at the forefront of helping people plan a hospital bed or oxygen as Covid-19 cases come from India. The

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