Be careful! These Google Play Store apps are dangerous! 5 things you should never do

A large number of Google Play Store apps contain malicious malware that can steal from your phone and endanger mobile security.

This includes food delivery apps, gaming apps, email apps and more. Here are 5 things you should never do to protect yourself and your privacy from cyber criminals.

Everyone goes to the Google Play Store to download apps. But there are dangerous applications out there and these pose a serious threat to users.

Downloading apps from the Google Play Store, if not done carefully, can lead to financial loss and even identity, not to mention passwords and more.

The greatest risk to users is caused by food delivery apps, gaming apps, email apps and fitness apps. Read below 5 do dos that will protect you from cyber criminals by ensuring your mobile security.

Yes, the Google Android mobile operating system is not useful for malicious malicious applications. Now, security researchers have found 19,000 or more apps in the Google Play Store that put personal information of users at risk.

This information has been disclosed due to problems with the Google Firebase website and affects various applications that most users have on their phones. However, these web security applications are corrupt.

The Firebase website is a cloud-based database used by application developers to create desktop-based applications where data is stored and synced in real time.

Data continues locally, and even when offline, real-time events continue to shoot, giving the end user the experience to respond.

“These open scenarios put data stored and used by applications built by Firebase at risk of theft. If developers use bad security practices, records may have clear text passwords,” Avast wrote on the blog announcing his discovery.

When researchers at Avast Threat Labs looked at publicly available Firebase applications, they found that more than 10%, nearly 19,300 apps, were open, revealing data to unverified developers. This was unlocked due to poor maintenance by the app developers.

“In each of these cases there is a potential for data breach that is likely to occur and could pose a significant risk to business, legal and communications.

It is possible that the personal information of more than 10% of users of Firebase-based apps could be compromised, ”explained Vladimir Martyanov, Malware Researcher at Avast in a blog post.

In the Google Play Store, never do this:

  1. Never download an app from the Google Play Store without verifying it. Read the scriptures carefully, there will be many problems that will show that it is not safe to download. Even the language will have a problem and there will be spelling errors.
  2. Do not download apps that promise to reward you without asking you to pay anything or very little.
  3. Never download apps without reading user updates.
  4. Do not download applications that ask for permissions that you are not allowed to provide or that may disclose your personal information.
  5. Never install apps without having good anti-virus software. An anti-virus phone helps protect you and your phone from cyber criminals.

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