BCCI has made a backup plan for the T20 World Cup

BCCI has the right to host this year’s T20 World. But due to fears of a third wave of corona virus, the BCCI was forced to make a conservation plan.
India’s Cricket Regulatory Board has begun making plans to save the T20 World Cup this year. BCCI has begun negotiations with Oman Cricket to organize some T20 World Cup matches. Oman Cricket chief executive confirmed this. The ICC this week gave the BCCI one month to respond to its plans to host the tournament in October-November.

In such a case, while there may be a third wave of corona in India, organizing the tournament in India seems difficult. The ICC has asked the United Arab Emirates to be ready as a waiting area. In line with this, it has also been suggested that any other Gulf country should be prepared to host certain games.

The hosting rights will remain with the BCCI. Oman cricket secretary Madhu Jesrani said, “The ICC has contacted us and Pankaj Khimji, President of Oman Cricket, is in talks , who should have initially hosted the tournament.”

BCCI has begun negotiations

Oman is determined to host the World Cup. Jesrani went on to say, “Negotiations with the BCCI have just begun. The ICC has asked us some things for those who want a place to entertain. We have given them details about this. We have told them we are ready.

Oman is one of 16 teams participating in the T20 World Cup to be held this year. Cricket in the country is completely based on business and is run by Khimji Ramdas, an Indian businessman. Jesrani also said that the BCCI has until June 28 to give a final answer as to whether or not the World Cup and Oman cricket will have to wait until then.

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