Atiq Ahmad, his brother Ashraf shot dead in Prayagraj, 3 attackers arrested

Atiq Ahmad Encounter: Atiq Ahmad, a former gangster who later turned into a politician, tragically lost his son Asad in an encounter on Thursday. However, the unfortunate turn of events continued as Atiq Ahmad himself was fatally shot in Prayagraj on Saturday. Reports indicate that the firing occurred within the premises of MLN Medical College, where Atiq and his associates were taken for a medical examination. According to news agency PTI, it is believed that two or three individuals fired upon them. As more details surface about the incident, it is evident that the situation was dire. On Saturday, the last rites of Atiq Ahmad’s son, Asad Ahmad, were performed in his absence.

The brutal killing of Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf played out in front of live television cameras as the duo was about to address the media. The sounds of indiscriminate gunfire echoed in the air as Atiq and Ashraf collapsed to the ground. The three assailants, namely Sunny, Lovelesh, and Arun, have been apprehended and taken into custody by authorities.

On Saturday, Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf were undergoing questioning by the Uttar Pradesh Police at Dhoomanganj police station. Shockingly, the attackers, who were chanting “Jai Shri Ram,” swiftly killed Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf, but were immediately apprehended by the police. The incident occurred when Atiq and Ashraf were surrounded by police officers. The shots were fired from close range, with multiple bullets being discharged. The police at the scene stated that the attackers have not yet been interrogated, and official statements will only be made after the interrogation process.

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