At least 920 people died in the Earthquake in Afghanistan

Earthquake- Atleast 920 people were killed and 600 others were injured in a powerful earthquake in Afghanistan. According to the AP news agency, Sharfuddin Muslim gave information on the death toll during a press conference after Wednesday’s earthquake. He warned that the toll is likely to rise. This earthquake occurred in the eastern province of Paktika in Afghanistan, whose intensity is estimated at 6.

Earthquake felt in India-Pakistan

According to European Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), the tremors were felt in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), tremors of magnitude 6.1 were felt in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and other parts of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces in Pakistan.

The international community has kept its distance from Afghanistan This catastrophe in Afghanistan came at a time when the international community distanced itself from Afghanistan in the face of the takeover of the country by the Taliban after the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Due to this situation, carrying out rescue operations in a country of 38 million people should be quite complicated.

Images and videos from Paktika province, near the Pakistani border, show casualties being evacuated from the area by helicopter. In photos online, houses made of mud bricks are seen falling. At the same time, local residents are also seen removing the debris. Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Taliban government, tweeted: “During the severe earthquake in four districts of Paktika province, hundreds of people in our country were killed and many houses were destroyed.” Urge aid agencies to immediately send their teams to the scene to handle the situation.

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