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Arshi Khan Properly Examines COVID-19, Says He ‘Causes Small Signs’On Wednesday

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Arshi Khan took his handle on Instagram to share that he had been tested for COVID-19.

On Wednesday Arshi Khan took his handle on Instagram to share that he had been tested for COVID-19.
He wrote, “I have just received my COVID test reports from airport management conducted the day before April 19 and I have just been tested for COVID. I have also had negative symptoms since yesterday. May you always be safe. Allah bless you all. “His captions were,” Safe and safe. “

Rahul Mahajan commented and wrote, “Call me if necessary at any time”. Arshi’s comments section was full of ‘Get well soon’ messages from his friends, colleagues, and fans.
“I got a fever yesterday, drank too much, turmeric milk, jaggery. Please take care, stay home,” Arshi said while emphasizing home-made treatment.

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Meanwhile, after his stint in the reality show, Arshi Khan is preparing for his first Bollywood movie. In an interview with SpotboyE, he talked about his character in his first film. Arshi has indicated that he will be seen playing the role of Champa, a simple local girl in his film. In addition, he adds that the next one is called Trahimam.

The actor went on to say that he is very excited about this project and that he will be seen with a completely new avatar. He went on to say that it was a film aimed at women with a good story.

He wrote on Twitter, “Dark, DC, Arshi Khan during the shooting of my next film.” However, many details about the movie are not disclosed yet. Khan had previously starred in films such as Malli Mishtu, The Last Empress, among others.

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