Arjun Kapoor Talks About Physical Shame and Health Problems: ‘Can Not Cut My Arms Off’

Arjun Kapoor talks about ‘unfair criticism’ and how people expect him to look a certain way because he is an actor who does not know what health problems he is facing. She also talks about her wedding plans with Malaika Arora.

Actor Arjun Kapoor says he understands the right kind of criticism that comes with his work but also understands the importance of ignoring negative comments and focusing on his daily experiences on social media.

The actor’s latest movie Sardar Ka Grandson was released this weekend on Netflix and while advertising the interview, the actor talked about being physically shy and how he is coping now.

Arjun, who first appeared in Bollywood and Ishaqzaade alongside Parineeti Chopra, is far from his early days in the industry. She says she has been through a lot in her life and that has affected her appearance. The actor has spoken of the superstitions attached to being a hero in Bollywood and that everything seems wrong.

The actor spoke to Koimoi and said, “Someone has a problem with how wide I stand, can’t I cut my arm? And if someone today doesn’t know what I’m dealing with in my life, on a health issue or whatever’s happening in my space, then it might show a little bit in my life.

I probably didn’t look the way they expected me to look, as long as it doesn’t block the way I connect with the on-screen, I can’t take it too seriously.

Arjun went on to talk about how his job required him to look a certain way but he would not let that ruin everything else in his life. He said he was not in a position to take people’s ‘extra criticism’ to heart. “Yes, it is my job to look better, to fight for that. Some days I succeed, some days I fail. He is alive and well. But I can’t take that to heart. It’s annoying because a lot of people build up when they criticize, ”he said.

In another conversation, Arjun opened up his private life and talked about his relationship with Malaika Arora. Speaking to Film Companion, the actress revealed that there are no plans to get married yet but she will always make her decisions known to the public whenever she plans to get married. He also added that he had great respect for his relationship and tried his best not to let the life of Arhaan (Malaika Arora‘s) be affected.

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He was quoted as saying, “I think you should respect your partner, and there is more to it than that … And I’ve been in a situation where I’ve seen things come out and it’s not always so fun, because there are kids affected. I’m trying to keep a respectful border.

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