Apple Download, Safari Release 14.1 Fixing Security Issues and Browsing Disruption Presentations

Apple has released a new Safari 14.1 update for MacOS Catalina users and MacOS Mojave users after pulling it out a few days ago, due to a few reported problems. Apple first released Safari 14.1 on April 26, browser fixes fixing security vulnerabilities on WebKit, but this has reportedly created numerous browsing issues for both Safari and other browsers.

As a result, Apple pulled out an update on May 1, and it has now begun to be released again, still below version number 14.1.

Apple has announced its redesign of the release of Safari 14.1 with two WebKit upgrades for MacOS Catalina users and MacOS Mojave users. After installing this update, the build number for Safari 14.1 is 15611. for MacOS Catalina and 14611. for MacOS Mojave.

Two fixed issues include the problem of overcrowding processing malicious web content that may lead to improper use of codes. This issue was resolved with the help of advanced input. Another was the problem of memory corruption which could also lead to improper coding. This is addressing improved governance.

According to the support page, the release of Safari 14.1 was resumed on May 4, for MacOS Catalina and MacOS Mojave. For Big Sur users, MacOS 11.3.1 was released on May 3, and contains updates that resolve this sensitive WebKit so that users should update their OS as soon as possible.

Safari Renewal has caused random problems with browsing
While the first update was released it caused problems for many users who took Apple Support Communities complaining about issues that arose after the update to Safari 14.1 released on April 26.

One user reported that the new version violates the functionality of popular websites like eBay. Several other sites have also repeatedly failed to load pages and have issued repeated requests for reload.

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