Anushka Sharma says she, her husband Virat Kohli started a fight against Covid-19, urging fans to join the fight

Anushka Sharma, who was celebrating her birthday on Saturday, has sent a special message to her fans. She also said that she and her husband Virat Kohli would also be involved in the Indian war with the Covid-19.

Anushka Sharma urged her fans to stay safe and take care of themselves.Actress Anushka Sharma dropped a video on Sunday thanking her fans for her birthday wishes. He said he did not ‘feel right’ to celebrate his birthday as India battles Covid-19.
“Hello guys, I hope you are safe.

I just want to thank you all very much for the wonderful birthday wishes. It really made my day special. But in the midst of all this pain and suffering, it just didn’t feel right to celebrate my birthday, ”the actor said in the video.

He added that because many of his followers sent him special messages, he decided to share important news with his followers. He called on his followers to unite and support the country in the hour of crisis.

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“I have seen your special messages for me and now, I have an important message for you. I would like to urge everyone to come together and support our country in this hour of crisis. Virat and I get together to do our little thing. We will share information soon so you can be part of this organization. Remember, we are in this together. Guys please stay safe and take care of yourself, ”concluded Anushka.

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India is currently facing the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. Earlier in the day, Anushka’s production ad Clean Slate Films produced Irrfan Khan’s first Babil son project, which will be released on Netflix.

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