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America raises questions on China’s biological program

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America raises questions- China-America: Does the corona virus really originate from a biological laboratory in China? The whole world had not yet received the correct answer on this matter as America once again raised questions about China’s biological warfare program. According to the latest US Department of Defense report, even the United States itself does not have concrete information on whether or not China has destroyed its biological warfare program.

In its report to the US Parliament, the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) made it clear that China’s biological work is “dual” or dual-use. According to the report, China had a “fiery” biological warfare program from the 1950s to the 1980s. Meanwhile, China “vaporized” agents like anthrax, cholera, plague, tularemia, toxin. botulinum and ricin. According to the report, China acceded to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) in 1984 and has submitted BWC Confidence Building Measures (CBM) reports every year since 1989, but China has never recognized that previously there was also an offensive biological program, that is, aggressive.

America raises questions- America is also skeptical of its responsibility to China under Section 1 of the BWC, according to the Pentagon report. Under this article, any country that signs this convention has the responsibility not to produce, produce, store or collect microbial and biological agents (and toxins) in any way. Take it or keep it. Other than that, they will also not be used during war or conflict.

In this report titled “Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China-2021” by the US Department of Defense, it is clearly stated that China (People’s Republic of China, i.e. PRC) is preparing permanently its biological infrastructure and works for the country needed. In addition to cooperating on such programs. According to the report, Chinese military institutions are also working on different types of “dual-use” toxins. It is clearly written in the report that the United States considers this dual use to be a biohazard.

In the latest Pentagon report, doubts were also expressed about China’s chemical research. It was said in the report that China also uses the best pharmaceutical agents and they can also be used as chemical weapons.

You might as well say that according to the report presented by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) on China to the country’s Congress (Parliament) last week, according to the ambitions of its President Xi Jinping, China is the People’s Liberation Army . The modernization of the PLA (PLA) is in full swing to realize the dream of becoming a “world class army” by 2035 and by 2049.

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