Cyber crimes graph against India is increasing

Cyber crimes- New Delhi: Amid growing cyber threats, India is included in the list of countries against which large-scale attacks are being carried out. According to the country’s cybersecurity coordinator, Le General (Re) Rajesh Pant, India is the third highest number of cyberattacks in the world. Where the Kovid-19 pandemic has increased cyber attacks and threats. It is necessary that everyone from the security system to the common people take precautions against this. In such situation, there is an expectation for the implementation of India’s national cybersecurity policy.

During an organized program on cybersecurity, General Pant said that in the midst of the Kovid-19 crisis, cyber attacks have multiplied and many vulnerabilities have been exposed and many solutions have also emerged. He said that after the electricity crisis in Mumbai last year, the Ministry of Energy formed separate IT emergency response teams for its different departments and in particular for generation, distribution electricity, etc.

At the same time, amid the threats of cyber breaches from China, the availability of reliable equipment in India and most importantly before government procurement started the certification exercise as well. According to Lt. Gen. (R) Pant, as well as Telecom, the Ministries of Defense and Energy have also expressed interest in certification before purchasing their equipment.

However, there is also the danger that organized criminal organizations are also involved in cybercrime. General Pant said all groups like D-Company are involved in cyber burglaries and criminal activity. However, he did not elaborate on how Dawood Ibrahim’s company D, the country’s most wanted criminal, is trying to harm India in the world of cybercrime. Keep in mind that last year a businessman in the Ghatkopar district of Mumbai received a ransom demand from Faheem Machmach, a member of the D-Company gang. At the same time, it was revealed during the investigation of this case that this call was made via voice internet protocol.

Role of the mobile phone in most cases(Cyber crimes)
the latest trend in cybercrime, it has also emerged that the role of mobile phone has become the most important in most cases. However, the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center working under the auspices of the Union Home Office works exclusively on mobile forensics so that crimes can be detected.

Cyber ​​security experts warn that there are 15 ways to easily hack the phone. According to General Pant, it is necessary that during the Kovid crisis, hygiene is taken care of for physical health, as well as hygiene for cybersecurity as well.

Cyber crimes- Cyber ​​security experts also recommend making cybersecurity courses accessible for mobile use and also implementing a cyber belt system in offices. According to experts, like judo, it is necessary to make classifications like white, blue, red and black belts on the basis of computer and cybernetic abilities. In which professionals can be prepared on the basis of cyber capabilities.

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