Amazon delays office return for its workforce to January 2022 due to Delta variant spread

Amazon has expanded its timetable to call its employees to its offices, citing the growing diversity of Covid-19 delta in the US.

The company informed its employees of the matter in a post Thursday.

Amazon had previously been expected to call its employees to its US offices from the second week of September.

The new decision now delays the return until early next year. It now plans to restore normal office work among its employees from January 3, 2022.

India Today Tech has gained access to internal email via Amazon for its employees.

In a letter sent by Amazon, Amazon stated that the timing of the return to office would “vary from one country to another according to local circumstances.”

It has promised to inform employees of its plans whenever a renewal is available, and that it will issue a weekly notice of any such changes.

“We realize that many of you need to make your own plans with your families as you return to the office, and we will continue to update these local pages as soon as we have new information to share,” he wrote.

The newspaper reported that all Amazon offices remain open and that their employees have “returned to the office” in some parts of the world.

It also highlighted the “strict safety standards” that are followed in its offices to ensure the safety of employees.

With this, Amazon also becomes another great technology to delay the full opening of its offices.

Late last month, Facebook and Google announced a similar extension of their voluntary work policies, allowing their employees to work remotely for a few more months.

Microsoft followed suit earlier this month, expanding its reopening of office space.

However, unlike the other three, Amazon did not introduce vaccination authority to its employees who are already working in the office.

While Facebook, Google and Microsoft are asking employees to provide proof of vaccination before entering offices, Amazon adheres to the use of face masks as the only requirement for office refunds.

A series of technological decisions come as the US faces growing fears of a Covid-19 delta diversity.

The response of tech giants to the new phase of the epidemic is likely to shape the actions of all other players in the industry.

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