6 Bangladesh Immigrants Arrested In Bengaluru For Rape, Harassment of Woman

The Bengaluru Police have arrested 6 Bangladeshi nationals, including a woman, for raping and filming a woman. The case has been registered in Ramamurthy police station.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru police have arrested six people, including a woman, in a case of rape and sexual assault. A video clip of a woman being abused and raped spread in Assam led to the arrest of criminals in Bangladesh who were illegal immigrants.

The abortion video shows the six Bangladeshi immigrants harassing the deceased by stripping her of her clothes and raping her.

“Based on a video clip, wherein one woman was subjected to physical abuse and torture by a group of people, five culprits including a woman, visible in the clip were immediately traced and secured by Bengaluru City police,” the Bengaluru police said in a release.

However, police said there were six criminals, including a woman arrested

Police said, “Currently, the victim is not in a neighboring country and a police team has been sent to search for him so that he can join the investigation.

On the basis of the content of the video clip and the facts revealed during the preliminary interviews with the defendants, the rape case, the registered assault and other relevant legal provisions made for the defendant, said the release.

According to police sources, the video allegedly appeared on the ‘deep web’ and is now being broadcast on various digital forums.

“The victim was raped, beaten, and put a glass bottle in her genitals and all this was visible because one of the beasts was writing the whole thing,” a source told PTI.

The video, believed to have been shot a few months ago, appeared in Bangladesh for the first time after which the Deputy Commissioner of the Tegagaon zone of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Mohammad Sahidulla, took the case to court, sources said.

During the investigation in Bangladesh, one of his accomplices was arrested and investigated.

He told local police that the video had been shot elsewhere in India.

The incident and the video have caused outrage, especially in the northeast. After watching the video it was thought that the survivor was from that part of the country and Assam police were searching for details about the accused.

“These are pictures of five people who appeared to be abusing and breaking a young girl in a video of the virus. The timing or location of the incident is unclear. Anyone with information on the case or criminals can contact us.

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