Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Major Twist: Naira is back in Kartik’s life before her marriage to Sirat

Like Kartik, Naira’s death was a nightmare for viewers, but when Sirat (Naira’s appearance) entered Kartik’s life, she received a new ray of hope. But if you miss the love of Naira and Kartik, you do not have to wait long. However, if you are wondering if Naira is back in Kartik’s life, it is not.

In future episodes, preparations for Kartik and Sirat’s wedding continue, but Kartik has lost Naira. He feels Naira around him and emerges but in his mind. Kartik and Naira communicate honestly and dance to each other. Their romance will definitely leave you in tears.

The makers are planning a big love affair with Naira and Kartik in the game after fans have been demanding a strong reunion between Kartik and Naira.

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Earlier this year, Naira’s character was set to die in the story only to create unity among the audience. Fans have so far been plagued by romantic opportunities between Kartik and Sirat.

However, Kartik finally realized that his wife Naira was the only one of his love and no one else could take his place in his heart. While agreeing to marry Sirat, she did so only for the sake of her children who were losing their mother.
Did you enjoy watching Kartik-Naira’s romance?

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