World Idli Day 2021: From Rawa to Moong, try these 5 types of Idlis to celebrate this day

Did you know Idli was first originated in Indonesia as fermented food and it came to India in 800-1200 CE? Read on to know more about Idlifacebooktwitterwhatsapp

World Idli Day 2021: From Rawa to Moong, try these 5 types of Idlis to celebrate this day
New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Every year, World Idli Day is celebrated on March 30. This day was first observed in 2015 by Eniyavan, an Idli caterer from Chennai. It was celebrated in a very unique way as Eniyavan made around 1,328 Idli to celebrate this day and a cake of 44 kg Idli was cut by an official on March 30, 2015, to observe this day as World Idli day. Yes, you read that right. This scrumptious south Indian dish is popular in the world and people enjoy Idli with Sambhar and chutney. Ahead of World Idli Day, we are bringing a list of different types of Idli that you can try on this occasion:

Stuffed Idli
Ads by Jagran.TVAs the name of this Idli suggests, it is stuffed with moong dal, green chillies, and mashed potatoes, and is a healthy dish. It is a perfect thing to serve at breakfast.
Rava Idli

This Idli is deep-fried and is served with coconut and mint chutney. It has a perfect hot and spicy flavour which will make your day.

Oats Idli

Oats are a healthy meal for a person and imagine it in the form of Idli. Wouldn’t it be amazing? This is a very nutritious form of Idli and it will also help you in opting for a better lifestyle.
Moong Dal Idli

This Idli is made with a mixture of Moong and rice that is sprinkled with green chillies, mustard seed, and onion. This is served with sambhar and coconut chutney.

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