With Tinder to add audio and video chat support to its application, the live video feature is also active

Dating is almost impossible due to the ongoing coronavirus infection. While the virus refuses to go away, dating apps like Tinder are introducing new ways to make online dating fun for users.

Tinder is believed to work to add new audio and video chat feature to its application.

The company during a call to Q2 announced that it would bring the team live video and other romantic streaming technology to its app.

Tinder was once seen testing a video chat feature called Tinder Mixer earlier this year.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Match Group, the parent company of dating apps such as Tinder, Okcupid and others said during its Q2 merger that it would introduce live audio, video and group live streaming features to its app.

The company has indicated that new features will be developed by the newly acquired Match Group- Hyperconnect. Match Group CEO Star Dubey told the newspaper that he was happy with the integrated technology developed by Hypeconnect in its existing programs such as Tinder.

“AR features, self-explanatory tools, chat AI and many other things we can consider as metaverse features, which have the feature of transforming an online meeting and process process,” Dubey said.

However, he did not disclose which Match Group apps would receive all of these new features.

The company believes that by the end of the year, it will be able to integrate Hyperconnect technology with its two existing products.

“One of the hallmarks of online dating has always been to close the gap between online chat rooms and personal encounters.

This technology will eventually allow us to create information that will help people to see if they have less accessible chemicals or not.

Our last thought here is that people can continue with the first bad day, ”said Dubey.

While Match Group did not disclose specific details about the feature, Tinder being its most popular program could find an audio, video chat feature.

Earlier, Tinder had come up with a new way to inform people about their vaccination status.

The dating app has introduced vaccine badges that can be displayed by fully or partially vaccinated users in their Tinder profiles.

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