When Shah Rukh Khan made Vijay enter the dance in front of a live audience

Instead of simply giving Vijay the award and getting off the stage, Shah Rukh Khan has done something that has not been fully implemented. He started begging Vijay to shake his leg with him.

Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay at the awards ceremony in Chennai. Tamil star actor Vijay last year broke the internet with his dance songs on Master’s song “Vaathi Coming”. The Master’s audio recording work was held in mid-March last year.

India was not completely infected with coronavirus at the time, nor were people worried about it. Instead of holding an event in a large arena or in a college hall, filmmakers have chosen a high-rise hotel to match the size of the crowd.
And surprisingly, Vijay appeared to be out of the way to entertain his fans at the event. He looked sharp in a black suit.

As soon as he stepped onto the stage to deliver his talk, he came up with a dance without any encouragement, much to the delight of his fans. Nothing out of the ordinary. He has just made a few simple moves alongside his co-star Five and film director Anirudh Ravichander in the “Vaathi Coming” tune. And needless to say, her dance moves and “Vaathi Coming” became the rage of the internet.

An earlier memory of Vijay dancing in front of a live crowd about eight years ago. And the credit for this has gone to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. In 2013, Shah Rukh Khan was in Chennai to attend an awards ceremony. The summer heat and humidity of the city had made SRK better.

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SRK was about to present the trophy to Vijay in honor of his performance in the 2012 action film Thuppakki. Not that he should be playing with rules. Instead of just giving Vijay a prize and getting off the stage, he did something that no longer works at all. He started begging Vijay to shake his leg with him.

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Also, it is not easy to say no to King Khan when he politely asks you, no? After a few minutes of unsettled silence on stage, Vijay begins to move on to the song “Google Google”, which he sang on Thuppakki. And SRK is following in the footsteps of Vijay as he tries to imitate one of the best dancers in Indian cinema.
Perhaps on that day, SRK’s passion for entertaining his fans across all existing platforms was cleared for Vijay.

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