‘What to do with your flab?’ Sameera Reddy has the answer Sameera Reddy emphasised the importance of ‘loving yourself .

Emphasised the importance of ‘loving yourself at every stage’ Sameera Reddy’s social media posts have lately all about body positivity and owning one’s true self, without chasing unrealistic beauty standards.

This time, the 42-year-old shared yet another inspiring message with her fans. There are times when one may be too conscious or feel low about his or her ‘imperfect’ body. So, how does one overcome that? Sameera said in a recent Instagram post, “Staying active with dance…any kind of movement and stretching can make a big difference in your mood even if you are conscious or feeling low about your body.” She shared a video alongside, captioned “what to do with your flab”. Talking about her “jelly belly”, the mother-of-two further wrote, “My son loves my jelly belly. I see it.

I own it and honestly it doesn’t bother me at all! It’s about rocking the journey… not just pressuring yourself to get to the destination.”
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The former actor also emphasised the importance of “loving yourself at every stage”. In an earlier social media post, she talked about how she has finally made the journey from “padded bras to pure freedom” to be true herself. “No judgement. No pressure. Just me,” she wrote.

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