Twitter Test ‘Undo Tweet’ Featured Paid Users: Report

Twitter may be working on the “undo tweet” feature especially for paid subscribers to allow them to undo their tweets with typo or other error – within a limited time. New developments could be the company’s response to the much-needed editing option that hasn’t been delivered to the microblogging network yet. It could also come as a reason to convince people to subscribe to Twitter for a certain amount of standard billing.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong wrote on twitter about the presence of a tweet retraction feature that appeared on the subscription screen. It will allow users to delete the latest tweet. This is not the same as an existing tweet delete function that completely removes a particular tweet from being visible to all Twitter users. By undoing a tweet, users have the option to quickly delete a tweet within a set period of time before it is posted.

Wong shared a screenshot showing the reversal of the tweet feature. Not yet made available to the public. He also suggests that it will be among the features that Twitter will offer to its paid subscribers in the future.

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