Tulsi Kumar: With the Rs 5 crore goal campaign, we could touch 5,000 lives

Artist Tulsi Kumar introduces a fundraiser to collect Rs 5 crore to purchase O2 concentrators for ICU-home services

India sees one of its worst problems as hospitals struggle with oxygen shortages and bed bugs among the growing COVID-19 cases. Through his use of social media, the singer has urged fans to donate to a social media platform, Ketto.

“This program aims to provide free oxygen concentrators to COVID-19 patients who are less concentrated and may not be treated at home.

The idea is to help patients at home so that hospital beds are reserved for those most affected. With the Rs 5 target campaign, we could impact 5,000 lives, ”said Kumar.

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While their main focus is on helping ICU-at-home services, the foundation also has hospitals across the country. “Once the impact has been made, we will donate concentrators to hospitals and NGOs so that the cycle can continue.”

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