Tom Cruise was to replace Robert Downey in Iron Man?

Tom Cruise as Iron Man: It’s a little hard to imagine that the character of Tony Stark would not have been played by anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was offered the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. . However, now that Robert Downey Jr. has become a superhero, this character has become an audience favorite. In the 2000s, filmmakers trusted Tom Cruise more and did not hesitate to bet on him. At the same time, Robert Downey Jr. was a master of troubling personal issues, and Marvel didn’t want him as Tony Stark. Marvel Studios wanted to launch Cruise instead. Cruise revealed that I was in talks to play the role of “Iron Man.” They come to me at a certain time and when I do something, so I want to do that job right. Later, I did not feel that this idea was going to work ”. Not only that, Tom Cruise also said that “Robert Downey Jr was the best for this role and he couldn’t imagine anyone for this role in his place”.

However, getting that role wasn’t easy for Robert Downey Jr. because his past was surrounded by drug and alcohol issues, and Marvel was not in favor of him playing that character. Director Jon Favreau worked hard to get Robert Downey to play the role. In an interview, Favreau said, “Marvel flatly refused to hire Robert Downey Jr. The director called Robert Downey Jr and said, I tried, I did everything, but it’s a shame and a shame that I can’t do anything. However, Downey was adamant. Favreau was successful, and Iron Man grew into a multi-billion dollar franchise.

At the same time, Robert Downey Jr. recently revealed that Cruise was his first choice to play the role of “Charlie Chaplin” in director Richard Attenborough’s Chaplin. But the movie went to Downey and he also got his first Oscar nomination for it.

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