The singer, Arijit Singh’s mother, was hospitalized

The mother of singer-songwriter Arijit Singh has been admitted to a hospital in Kolkata, actor Mukherjee said on Thursday.

“You need the A-blood of singer Arijit Singh’s mother who agreed to Amri Dhakuria. She needs it today. Pls contact @swatihihihi via the confirmed MALE DONORS,” she wrote in her Twitter post.

Bengali filmmaker Srijit Mukherjee also tweeted the news and asked his fans to come forward and donate blood to Singh’s mother. “#Copied. Find A donor for singer Arijit Singh’s mother in Dhakuria Amri tomorrow. Interested blood donors can contact Natasha,” she wrote.

Singh, who is famous for singing popular songs such as “Tum Hi **”, “Channa Mereya”, and “Shayad”, has not yet revealed the nature of his mother’s illness. In a recent post on Facebook on Thursday, the 34-year-old singer expressed his gratitude to health workers for leading the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

He also urged his fans to donate plasma to COVID-19 patients.

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“I greet those who have fought against Covid-19 before but without them the way you help each other with food, oxygen, beds and so on, great love from me,” wrote Singh.

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“I urge all who qualify to donate blood plasma. Many people, especially those with thalassemia, are currently struggling with health. This is the only thing we can do for them,” he added.

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