The Embassy of India issued an advisory to its citizens

The Embassy of India- Notice to Indians of Afghanistan: The situation in Afghanistan is worsening. The capital of many provinces is now occupied by Taliban forces. Meanwhile, for the third time for Indians living there, a safety advisory was issued on Tuesday. Tweeting from the Twitter account of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, it was said that this advisory is linked to two security advisories issued recently on June 29 and July 24.

He stated that the two opinions given in the previous two opinions are still valid and that all Indians are urged to take all the necessary measures which were said in these two safety advisories.

He added that due to the intense violence in many parts of Afghanistan, commercial flights have been interrupted in many provinces and cities. All Indians visiting, working and residing in Afghanistan are advised to keep abreast of commercial flights departing and prior to taking commercial flights from where they are located. If it stops, be prepared to come back immediately.

The advisory further states that companies operating in Afghanistan are advised to evacuate their Indian employees from project sites in Afghanistan before air services are shut down. At the same time, Indian nationals working in Afghanistan or for foreign companies are urged to ask their employers to make arrangements to travel to India.

“As violence has escalated in many parts of Afghanistan, commercial air transport services to many provinces and cities are closed,” the embassy said. The embassy said the advice also applied to Indian journalists who traveled to Afghanistan to cover the latest developments. (The Embassy of India).

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