STOPELON new coin born as a response to Elon Musk’s continued influence on crypto prices

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. There are very few things in life that are sure. Day and night. And Elon Musk writes about cryptocurrency. Often there are negative consequences for crypto investors, something we have seen in the last few weeks with the falling prices of Dogecoin and Bitcoin. The first was the result of an SNL appearance that did not lead to the Dogefather assisting the Doge spike value as expected. Now, cryptocurrency wants to fight, and a new coin has been created as a result of STOPELON. The aim is to make crypto investors, especially those who are just starting out, aware of the crypto market fluctuations caused by Elon Musk’s tweets, which the public called “unfair fraud”. The ultimate goal – to fully control Tesla’s stock, following the $ STOPELON four-phase implementation plan.
“Elon Musk is notorious for being rude in exploiting the cryptocurrency market with his Twitter account. Recently, he did it again, causing a major crash on all fronts when he wrote that Tesla would stop accepting Bitcoin as payment. Anyone with a lot of imagination sees through his lies. He’s been trying to pump up crypto for years, writing a tweet about it to the end, and even going to Saturday night as the last place to get Dogecoin! It’s funny! ”Says the Stop Elon team on their website. They do not mince words when they say that Musk’s tweets play with investors’ portfolios as sweets and call him “narcissistic billions”.

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The categorized release of $ STOPELON is now beginning with the launch of the website and is listed on crypto in BSCSCAN, which tracks the transfer of funds and its management. The next steps in this category include ongoing code research by and the listing of Coinhunt, CoinGecko, Delta, Coinstats and BlackFolio, and addressing 5000 BSC addresses. The second stage measures include fixed deposits, depreciation of large tokens on the exchange, NFT STOPELON listing and small exchange rate listings.
The third phase would see a list of mind exchanges that saw STOPELON target KuCoin while the fourth phase was looking to get a crypto currency list of big money from Binance, Coinbase and Kraken. The last goal the public wishes to achieve is to fully control Tesla’s stock and “fly me to f * g Pluto”, as they say. At the time of writing, StopElon is selling for $ 0.0000188133 and the market cap is set at $ 9,774,130 and the supply price is set at 1,000,000,000,000.

You can buy $ STOPELON right now using Trust Wallet, this is available via Apple iPhone and Android phones. In Step 2, the community says, “Transfer BNB to your wallet. This can be done at Binance via the BNB network, or you can enter your Trust Wallet by logging into your Smart Chain wallet and pressing the purchase on the right-hand corner.” DApps and Exchange BNB for $ STOPELON using contract address: 0xd83cec69ed9d8044597a793445c86a5e763b0e3d.
Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others has been considered the power required to mine these digital currencies, with an impact on the environment. A few days ago, among all the cryptocurrency tweets Musk had sent, he took the time to write that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the purchase of their electric vehicles, due to increased energy use explain mining and trading with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, and the impact environmental as a result. It was in March that Tesla said they would accept Bitcoin as a payment method for buying their electric cars.

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Later, financial services and investment management Galaxy Digital released some Bitcoin power consumption numbers and this shows that traditional banking systems and Gold mines use twice as much power as Bitcoin needs. Galaxy Digital peg numbers are the annual electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network at 113.89 terawatts per hour per year (TWh / year). In comparison, banking systems consume 263.72 TWh / yr of power while the gold mine uses approximately 240.61 TWh / yr.

They also point out that of the 26,730.07 TWh / yr electricity generated, there is a transmission loss of up to 2,205.23 TWh / yr — and that according to data confirmed by the International Energy Agency (IEA). This is a loss of 19.36 times the capacity of Bitcoin, over a year.

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