Special conversation! Raveena Tandon for 4 years of ‘Maatr’: The film was challenging as it emotionally

Raveena Tandon is back with a bang on the silver screen with ‘Maatr’ four years ago on this day. The film, with its striking title and its powerful performance, has left a lasting impression on the minds of the audience.

I look back on this film as one of the most iconic films because it talks about a topic that I am very close to. I worked for many years in it. It talks about violence and abuse of women and children. This film was very important to me emotionally.

How did you react the first time you were contacted?
The first time I heard this text, I cried. It was very hard and it hit hard. It was moving but very disruptive at the same time.

How challenging was your role in your life?
It was really challenging to play this character because of the emotional scars that will leave you with it. First I did all that and then I looked at it again on the screen.

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I remember reading the review after the film was released. It was in the Mumbai Mirror. They said, Raveena Tandon’s eyes widened when she saw her daughter being raped in front of her, sitting in the audience or exiting the cinema hall. Imagine the magnitude of the impact it had on all of us who were involved in making the film.

I remember at the time of the shooting, I had to just cry on stage. There I cried and it took me a long time to stop. I just stopped crying. Everyone just shut up and waited for me to calm down.

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