Sonu Sood Plans Over 100 Remdesivir, Oxygen Utility, 500 Beds, But Disappointing

Sonu Sood has arranged more than 100 remedies for Remdesivir, oxygen for those who come to him for help and 500 beds, but he is still disappointed.

India is fighting a second dangerous wave of COVID-19 and shortages of Remdesivir drugs, oxygen and beds have been a major challenge.

Sonu Sood organizes COVID-19 patient assistanceSuu has been sharing daily statistics on the number of applications she received from COVID-19 patients and how many she was able to achieve.
He wrote on Twitter, “I wish we had done better. Tomorrow will be better. ”

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The actor was responding in person to many of the networks who sent him help on twitter. He has been reassuring them with words such as ‘Keep your patience’, ‘I will help you’ and ‘the injection will get you soon.'”It is very important to set prices. Companies and people who can afford it should come forward to help everyone get vaccinated,” he wrote.

Sonu Sood had also introduced a major immunization program to spread the word about the importance of getting a jab, as he took the first dose.

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