Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Skin Care Tips: How to apply sunscreen with makeupBut why do we need to re-apply?

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He also added that the sun does not degrade the performance of the sunscreen but is our sweat and oil to reduce the same parts. “Oil is a continuous process and your sweat glands are working even if you don’t sweat a lot,” he added.

For it to work properly, sun protection needs to form a layer on the skin. “So even if you don’t go outside, most of us are still exposed to sunlight through the windows, the light reflected on the ceiling, floor, walls and even furniture – even on cloudy days.”

READ | Sunscreens may be absorbed into the bloodstream: FDA studySo, when the oil glands are interfering with your sunscreen, you do not want to leave it exposed to the light coming in, which is why he said, “the best thing to do is to apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours after starting the application. To protect the sun protection, a re-application is required. ”

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