Simple trip planners earn 11.4% on the first day of trading, ending at Rs 208.30

Easy Trip Planners share closed the listing date with a profit of more than 11 percent on March 19 but failed to meet road expectations. Weaknesses in the financial markets prior to the start of the market and the rise in COVID-19 cases in the country could have been due to analysts’ expectations of a major opening.

The stock opened at Rs 206 on the BSE, an average of 10.2 percent above the Rs 187 release price. Analysts expected it to be priced at 50-80 percent, if there is a high demand in the gray market, 159.33 times subscription and noise company foundations. In fact, the initial uncertainty forced the stock to pay the price for its release, although it was quickly restored to higher trading throughout the day.

Finally, it resolved the day earning 11.39 per cent of Rs 208.30, with a share equity volume of 44.08 lakh on BSE.

On the National Stock Exchange, the stock has risen 11.47 percent to close to Rs 208.45, with a volume of shares above 4.26 crore equity after seeing a high intraday of Rs 234 and Rs 187.20.

The online tourism platform Easy Trip Planners has raised Rs 510 crore for its public issue. The money was accepted by the promoters as it was a selling point for sale.

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