Shilpa Shetty: Shamita and I used to fight a lot

InSeeing their fine performance, Judge Anurag Basu he said, “The power of Kya hai yar? Outstanding. Swag hai!”

Anurag later asked Akash about his experience of teaching Aneesh, and Akash said, “I want to thank Aneesh for her hard work, and for her sake, I am here. I take him as my little brother.

I was even more nervous than him because he has played twice in front of all of you and it was the first time for me.
He said, “Shamita and I used to fight a lot, probably because of the age gap.

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As a kid, there was not a single thing that I might not have used to throw at Shamita (chuckles). Both my father and mother used to go to work, so there was a time when my mother sent me to my Nani’s house and in those three months, I missed Shamita very much.

I think because of this plan, Aneesh and her brother will start to miss out. And as they say, distance makes hearts grow more willing. ”Judge Anurag Basu also shared his childhood memories with his brother Abhishek and how they shared the siblings’ bond with the banter.

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