Second wave out! Outside of work, the paid daily workers in Bollywood go to their cities

With Bollywood daily betting Bollywood currently unemployed due to shooting, workers return home; I can’t stand another lock after last year’s trial

Gangubai Kathiawadi needs to be suspended as its tracks have been tested positive (right) Just before the deadline, Bhool Bhulaiyaa explosion 2

More than a dozen days after the shoots were suspended, workers earning daily in Bollywood face their worst fears again. In such a situation, daily commodities – which have been hit hard by unemployment in the past year – have begun flocking to their hometowns.

“Many have returned to their villages. “We are trying to get free work for our employees. Help [came in] last year, but this time, not too many people came forward. We will seek the help of the stars and the authorities if the suspension is beyond May 1. ”

“I was short of money, having spent all my savings last year. So, while there were rumors of a disability at this time, I left Mumbai immediately. This photo was stopped after the lead character was found to have it. I had no other project with me, so I used my last savings and returned home, ”he said.

Laxmi Goswami, a member of Mahila Kalakar Sangh, said he had been shooting at a football club led by Abhay Deol until mid-April. “As young musicians, we would get a job 15 days a month. But things have worsened since the epidemic broke out. After the closure, filmmakers stopped filling the cans for the wedding or party because they were not allowed to shoot scenes.

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Where they previously wanted 50 artists [in a crowded stadium], now they are working with 15 of us. TV programs that have come out of Maharashtra have not hired any more as they are aiming for a cable in the areas of these parts. “The fact that their salaries have not changed since 2014 is another problem. Says Goswami, “Our daily wage is R1190 for serials and web series, and R1410 for movies.”

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