Robert Downey Jr. said he was completely blinded by Iron Man’s first suit: ‘I didn’t see anything

Robert Downey Jr. spoke about the challenges he faced while shooting Iron Man as Marvel sought to cut costs. ‘They wanted to spend as little money as possible on the CG transition,’ the actor said in a previous interview.

Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man In Robert Downey Jr., getting into Iron Man was not easy.
Imitation, even in summer commercials that prevent blocking buildings, is not easy. Robert Downey Jr. Without the inner demons and Marvel Studio turmoil to overcome, entering into a multi-billion dollar arms deal was not easy. Really.

When Downey Jr. wore the Iron Man suit for the first time to the 2008 Iron Man, he actually had to wear a loose-fitting steel suit. Not many people know that Marvel shot the film on a limited budget. It went on to become a blockbuster and a stepping stone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Downey Jr. told David Letterman on his show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, “In the beginning, everything was real. They wanted to spend as little money as possible on the CG change, so I remember that the helmet went on, and there was going to be a gun, and I was going to be in this whole suit, and they said: ‘Okay, Robert, it’s like you’ve fallen off the roof, so if we say let’s do something, just go like that, like you just went down, and started moving forward. ‘”

In recent films, as a result of advances in filmmaking, his suit has expanded its computer-generated imagery and reduced strength. “When we made the last Avengers, they would just say,” Hey, Robert, would you mind wearing— ” A helmet ?! No! Yes No. Put two dots here, and paint them later, ”joked Downey Jr.

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In that discussion, he also mentioned his own desire to translate “if possible.” He said that it came from growing up in an environment where he was surrounded by writers, “As I was raised by writers, for in situations where you see,‘ Here’s a sense of humor here’s a better joke. And there are times when I say, ‘I can’t touch this big block because you shouldn’t be playing with it.’ But it’s pretty much everything else I think can be constantly improved. ”

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