Realme Book , the Realme Pad on the Pictures that have been Leaked Ahead of the Anticipated Worldwide release 15 June

The Realme Book, a laptop safe and Realme Panel of the Tablet is going to be two of the company’s charge-up of new products, according to the leaked images. Realme has recently teased a laptop and a tablet, and they will also be the company’s first in their respective categories.

It’s been leaked the pictures, just a smirk at the name of the product, but also is to show what the design is.

The images of the Realme Book, the task is to present a prototype of the device, the Realme Pad seems to have a similar design to the iPad.

It has been speculated that these products will be launched at the global, run by the Realme GT 5G smartphone later this month.

According to the leaked photos from Android Authority,

Realme is expected to soon release a laptop computer, which is called the Realme Book and a tablet, which is called the Realme Pad.

Yesterday, Realme India, and Europe, and the CEO Madhav Sheth teased the coming of the laptop, while the company’s managing director, mr Francis Wong was teased and tablets.

Now, there are pictures on both devices in order to carry out the design of the Realme of the Book, corresponding to the thoughts of the Realme of the Platform.

Start with the notebook, in a teaser shared by the Sheth suggested that the laptop had a Ilham design, the Web, and there seems to be a name.

Realme might call the computer’s Realme’s Book, which, according to the report, it will have an aluminum body and a screen with an aspect ratio of 3:2.

The pictures show a similar, speaker grill, the bottom of the hole for the ventilation system.

Around the screen, there is a thin frames, and on the Realme website.

The report says that it is a prototype of the book, Realme, and so it is to be noted that the final product can be represented, which is a very accurate here.

In the next Realme Pad, the company’s managing director, Francis Wong, asked fans on Twitter what’s the new Realme, the tablet will be Realme’s Pad, or the Realme Page.

The post Realme Tab, the most votes (50.6 percent, but it would seem that the company would prefer Realme’s Platform.

However, this may change when the actual load is occurring. This is just a picture of the Realme of the Pad, and it shows a side profile of a thin tablet, with a sharp edge that is reminiscent of the iPad Pro, as well as a small projection from the camera module.

The Realme Tab, in the photo comes with the ” GT ” moniker at the top, which indicates that the company is able to introduce to his laptop, and tablet in a global Realme GT 5G launch is scheduled to take place on June 15.

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