Raiza Wilson Files Complaint Against Dermatologist, Wants Rs 1 Crore For ‘Wrong Procedure’

He also revealed that he was taking legal action against him and wanted the demons for Rs 1 Crore. He also called himself a ‘victim of negligence’ and said the process had put his life in danger.

In addition, doctors who extort money by demanding more than what is prescribed by medical laws on innocent people would also not be legal. I went to Dr. Bhairavi Senthil based on his ad on various social media platforms to perform certain cosmetology procedures.

I have suggested the wrong treatment by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil and his staff from the beginning of the consultation only to get money. Also, I was denied emergency medical treatment by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil while my life was in danger because of their procedure. So the apology is ‘Low.’

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Commenting on legal action, he explained, “I am a victim of negligence committed by Dr Bhairavi Senthil and the staff. In the future, no one should have to deal with the pain I felt. Being an actor, I feel guilty for my actions in public.

The statement made by Ms Ryza Wilson was insulting and had a negative impact on my reputation, my reputation and my clinic.
“This treatment is widely used in skin rejuvenation. This process is done only with the written consent of the person, who will sign the required forms and announcements ”, he added.

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