Questions arise about Goa’s Kala Academy revitalization plans.

Questions arise about Goa’s Kala Academy revitalization plansWhile the 50cr renovation project continues, what will be the most popular public space in the city and what changes are affected.

A prominent center for the promotion of arts and culture in Goa, Kala Academy, which has hosted many festivals and concerts since its opening in 1970, is in dire need of attention because of its advanced age. Since 2019, negotiations on its amendment have been circulating.

Built by renowned artist Charles Correa, the building under the auspices of the Department of Arts and Culture, Goa, has various private and public institutions that offer recommendations for renovations.

Architect Nondita Correa Mehrotra, director Charles Correa Foundations, said, “We are concerned about the building, and will assist in any way possible with the restoration. In January 2020, we got IIT Madras to come in and provide a technical perspective on our costs. At the time, the government could not afford to pay for that. “

It was determined that the renovation would cost a small portion of what has already been announced as budget? 50 crores. , would it be good for the public to know what other proposed work? What is really being done with this 50-crores building? ”

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