PUBG: Expected New State release date, pre-iOS registration and all we know so far

PUBG Mobile maker Krafton is preparing for the launch of his next big game set to bring a new avatar to the well-known battle royale game.

Named PUBG: New State, a new game will come with a tag line “beyond battle royale,” indicating the most comprehensive experience for gamers.

Although Krafton has not yet announced a specific match date yet, the new PUBG’siteration is set for pre-registration in the Google Play Store in some regions.

In fact, the game has already managed to get over 20 million pre-subscriptions in the Google Play Store.

That’s because Krafton offers limited car leather to players who sign up for the game first. Previous iOS registration for PUBG: New State should start sometime in August.

In terms of game known to date, PUBG’s New State will feature better graphics than PUBG’s Mobile and may come up with new game features such as maps, game modes, weapons and more.

PUBG Expected New State release date, pre-iOS registration

Some of these are included in the latest video entitled “Field Trip to Troi – Episode 2” on the official YouTube channel of the game.

The video features Brian Corrigan, the publishing director at PUBG, talking about the latest developments in the game. In this video, Corgigan shares details about Troi, a new 8 km x 8 km map of PUBG: New State set for 2051.

The map includes several oncoming vehicles such as electric cars, a new motorcycle, and tram-free trams.

In addition, the map will include new gadgets and weapons, including drones, disposable defenses and a new weapon system. All in all, PUBG: New State will have a true sense of fps quality than PUBG Mobile.

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