Priyanka Chopra presents Kabir Bedi’s story, Stories to Tell: The Emotional Life of the Act

Priyanka joins Kabir from London where his book will be unveiled for the first time in the entertainment industry, and on Kabir’s social media platform on April 19.

Veteran actor, Kabir Bedi’s upcoming story, Stories to Tell: The Emotional Life Of An Actor will be presented by someone other than the venerable Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

It will be interesting to watch two Hindi films that have worked on the waves around the world, and who have already turned writers into their life stories, come together to discuss and launch Kabir’s book.

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Kabir, who became the first author of his life, is thrilled that Priyanka presented her book. Priyanka herself made her appearance as a writer recently with her autobiography, Unfinished.

Stories to discuss: The actor’s life is about the ups and downs of Kabir Bedi’s professional and private life, his Bollywood, Hollywood and European strikes in Europe, his tumultuous relationships, his deep love and the loss, why he changed his beliefs, his tragic issues, and how he did it. that India is proud. It’s a story of his acting, breaking and re-doing as a man.

The book, published by Westland, will be available throughout India on April 19 online and in bookstores.

We can’t wait to watch Kabir Bedi’s conversation with Priyanka Chopra Jonas from the heart as the last one presents the stories I have to tell myself: The Emotional Life of the Actor.

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