Priyanka Chopra calls for help: ‘India suffers from COVID19, US orders 550M more vaccines than needed’

Priyanka Chopra says in her tweet that her ‘heart is breaking’ as India fights during the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. She also appealed to US President Joe Biden and other officials to help him.

Priyanka Chopra wrote on Twitter asking the USA to immediately share the vaccines with India. She also called on the US President to help and immediately ‘share’ the vaccine.

Would you share the emergency vaccine ”? She also said that while India was suffering from the second worst wave of the epidemic, “the US ordered 550M more drugs than needed.”

The actor’s tweet met with harassment from some Twitter users saying it was too late. Some criticized the star, saying he should not have waited to promote the vaccination campaign.

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A few days ago, Priyanka also urged everyone in India to stay home and wear a mask if they have to go out.

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