Pakistan Political Crisis: Opposition is getting heavy!

Pakistan Political -The clouds of crisis hang over the government of Imran Khan in Pakistan. Tomorrow, that is to say March 31, the motion of censure must be discussed while the vote can take place on April 3. Opposition parties are also opening up a front against Imran Khan’s government. At the same time, Imran is also doing everything to save the government.

On Wednesday, a major opposition meeting was held at Sindh House in Islamabad, attended by 196 members, including all disgruntled MPs from Imran Khan’s PTI party. Along with this, 3 other PTI MPs including Aamir Liaquat Hussain achieved this. Things are changing from moment to moment for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Bajwa meets Imran

While Imran Khan is also doing his utmost to save his chair. Today he was welcomed by Pakistani Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI DG. Imran Khan’s special warlord continuously supports him. Imran was also supposed to address the nation today which was postponed due to his meeting with Bajwa and the ISI leader.

Minister said – no one asked to resign

Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said no one had asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down and he would not step down either. At the same time, PTI Senator Faisal Javed said, said Imran Khan, there are such things in the letter that if it comes out, Imran Khan will benefit a lot but the opposition will be ruined and ruined. The country will soon receive the good news of Imran Khan’s success.

Imran convened a special session

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan, surrounded by the crisis in Pakistan, convened a special session of the federal cabinet on Wednesday. The session was convened amid reports that two ministers from the ruling coalition member party, MQM-P, have resigned. According to the report, the ministers resigned after their party announced it would back the no-confidence motion tabled against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to sources, the current political situation was discussed during the extraordinary session with the aim of putting MPs from Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) in their favor in the lower house. In the lower house, the MQM-P has seven deputies, while the BAP has five.

Cabinet members and other guests were also made aware of the threatening letter, which the prime minister said was evidence of a “foreign plot” to overthrow his government. Amid mounting pressure over demands to show the letter, Imran previously said he would show the letter at a rally to show party strength on Friday. However, the Islamabad High Court suspended the publication of the letter. The court cited the Official Secrets Act.

The motion of no confidence was tabled on March 8

Political instability emerged in Pakistan after a joint no-confidence motion by opposition parties in the National Assembly on March 8. The session of the National Assembly will be held on Thursday to discuss the motion of censure.

What is the Mathematics of Parliament Pak

Imran Khan will need 172 votes out of the 342 members of parliament (National Assembly) to save the government. According to the Geo News report, the MQM-P decided to cooperate with the opposition and two of its ministers resigned.

We learn that MQM-P deputies Farog Naseem and Aminul Haq have resigned from their ministerial posts. MQM-P leader Faizal Sabjwadi said on Wednesday that he had reached an agreement with the united opposition.

No Pak PM was able to complete their term

The PTI party of Imran Khan, 69, has 155 MPs at home. Imran also faces the revolt of about twenty deputies and the challenges of his allies. So far in Pakistan’s history, no prime minister has been removed from office by a motion of no confidence, but Imran Khan is the third prime minister to rise to the challenge.

Earlier, Imran Khan gave strict instructions to members of his party to either stay away from home or not participate in the vote on the day of the vote on the motion of no confidence. So far, no Pakistani prime minister has completed his five-year term.

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