Pain of Afghan student family in danger in Afghanistan

Pain of Afghan student- Crisis in Afghanistan: As soon as the US military left Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly captured Afghanistan. But not only are Afghans living in Afghanistan troubled by this, Afghan students studying in India are also worried about their families. Abdul Shaboor is a resident of Kabul, Afghanistan. Living in India for 4 years and studying at Sharda University. Speaking to ABP News, Abdul recounts the situation in his country and the family’s problems. They are safe in India but the family is still stranded in Afghanistan. Abdul is sort of trying to bring the family to India for a few days.

Abdul said (Pain of Afghan student): “I am studying at Sharda University and also working as a lab technician. Since listening to the news from Afghanistan, I am in great depression. This problem should be resolved as soon as possible. . I want to bring my family to India. I don’t see the future of my family there. My brother is studying at university there and my sister is also studying at school. I don’t know for how long. the situation is going to be bad in Afghanistan. We have to bring our family to India. If we don’t do this study now, then I don’t know what will become of it in the future.

The Taliban primarily target people who are or have worked with the government or the United Nations. Abdul’s father is one of those people. Abdul said: “I live in Kabul, Kabul has been captured since yesterday. My family is very tense. These people are particularly targeted at people who work with the government or the United Nations. It’s finish. He wants him to help the Afghan people. “

Like most students studying in India, Abdul is also afraid of returning to his country. After their studies, they also think about doing the same job. Abdul said: “Never think about going back to Afghanistan. It would be better if I found a job in India itself. I like it very much in India. I will not go to Afghanistan. I also want to bring my family here.” So far, no help has been received to bring family members here. We are trying to talk to the international division of Sharda University and our family can come here for a few days. We don’t want to come forever, but for the safety of the family, we want to bring the family here for a few days. ” (Pain of Afghan student)

He said I have friends who are still stranded in Afghanistan. He is very upset. They don’t see the future. The friends who are here are depressed about what will happen to the family. The family bore our expenses, but now the family is also in difficulty. The Taliban want to change all of Afghanistan.

As an Afghan citizen, Abdul’s discontent is most against his president Ashraf Ghani. He said, “The president is responsible for our situation. In such difficult times, the president left us and fled. Nobody knew it and suddenly the news arrives that the president has run away. He said we would form a temporary government. , will bring peace but suddenly the man fled leaving 35 million people hoping for luck. “

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