OTT service, bulk mobile connections will make up half of all online viewers by 2023: Report

Online video services (OTTservices) that have been widely distributed through mobile and broadband connections are now an attractive service among Indians.

A Mint report citing Ficci EY’s news and entertainment report said people using these ports would make up about half or 399 million of all online video viewers by 2023 rising from 284 million now.

Since 2020, India has had 803 million online video viewers including streaming and video services on free platforms such as YouTube.

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The report lists five categories of online video viewers in India: Digital-only (consuming digital content and access to television), digital tactical (consuming pay TV and one paid streaming service), digital bundled (who consume pay-TV and especially metelco-wrapped content), many consumers (who eat paid TV and occasionally eat streaming content, usually free) and free consumers who do not pay at all content.

It is reported that video streaming services are now seeking to partner with telecom companies that have begun offering mass-premium OTT service and broadband packages to build on the family audience base.

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The report went on to say that while the fastest growing segment will be digital consumer audiences, premium consumers including digital-only and digital tactical will grow by more than 100 million by 2023. homes do not have access to television.

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